We Are

A Different

You don’t have to tell us that the traditional software and service delivery model is
broken. We know it’s broken and we know why: business and IT managers are
frustrated with the high-cost, complexity and slow delivery of integration projects.

That’s why we built WDCi to be different from the ground up. We understand why new
models like Software as a Service (SaaS) have been so successful and we understand the need
to integrate to SaaS.

We know that you need to see lower-cost, faster results and that matches our
business model.

You need a partner that can deliver, one that willfocus on simple, high-value projects
that will generate immediate business value. That’s what WDCi is all about – applying
the benefits of the SaaS model to deliver business solutions that deliver fast,
measurable results; costs aligned to business benefits; innovative pricing and
payment options with a turn on/turn off model.

We’re innovators but we’re also realists. We know that you can’t suddenly switch off
all the on-premise applications in your business or suddenly change the way you do
business with your partners. You need to find a co-existence approach that let’s you
get the most out of your existing software investments while taking advantage of the
lower-cost SaaS solutions that are coming to market.

Our People

  • Deborah


    Deborah has a 20 year background covering development,
    support, consulting, sales and operational management for
    technology companies.

    She has extensive global experience including the Asia
    Pacific market where she has worked with and managed many
    teams across the region over the past 10+ years.

  • Walter


    Walter has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years
    in many technical and management roles, he has extensive
    experience across the entire SDLC as well as the management
    of technology teams and mission critical systems.

  • Donal


    Donal has over 20 years experience in the delivery and
    management of sales, marketing, business development and
    client management.

  • Terry


    Terry has a 10 year background in the development and support of global solutions for customers.

    He has a strong technical background and extensive expertise in the development of skills, processes and procedures for the delivery of enterprise ready solutions.

Our Partners

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